everything you need to know

What to expect

The first visit

The first step in determining your treatment needs is to learn as much about your specific orthodontic situation as possible. At the initial consultation, Dr Kenmuir will meet with you for a complete orthodontic examination. At this visit Dr Kenmuir will propose a tentative treatment plan, estimate treatment duration , and discuss costs associated with treatment.


If necessary diagnostic records will be required to learn more about your orthodontic situation. This may include impressions of your teeth, photographs, x-rays and a complete medical history. From this information Dr Kenmuir will design a concise treatment plan specifically for you.

Case discussion and Appliance placement

Prior to appliance placement, Dr Kenmuir will present the treatment plan to the patient and parents. If possible, various options will be proposed, and such details as appliance placement, co-operation and hygiene will be discussed. It is important at this time to be sure to ask any pertinent questions you may have. Communication with your orthodontist is essential throughout the treatment process! Once all your questions and concerns have been addressed, we will schedule an appointment to proceed with appliance placement. While placement is generally painless, some discomfort is to be expected as you adjust to the braces. This is usually a short term problem and our staff is here to explain ways to deal with the discomfort.


Once all of the appliances are in place, they need to be adjusted on a regular basis to continue the tooth moving process. Appointments are generally scheduled at 5-6 weekly intervals for your convenience. Orthodontic treatment typically takes 15-20 months, but can vary due to case difficulty, co-operation, hygiene, failed appointments etc.